1. What is your name and what is your business name? Where can we find you through social media?

I am Roslyn Rose and my business is called Roslyn Rose Studios. I am a new artist in Rochester and I so happy toPenguins have found such a welcoming art community.

I can be contacted at the following email addresses and social medias.

My blog.
My personal Facebook page.
My Facebook business page.
My LinkedIn account.

2. How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?
I was told I was an ‘artist’ in the second grade. From that day forward, I considered myself an ‘artist.

3. Explain a bit about your process, please.

I digitally blend multiple photographs to create images that may suggest the past, the future or a new reality. I juxtapose the neglected with the occupied, the deserted with the inhabited, one place with another, or the past with the present.


4. What’s the comment heard most about your art?
Many people look at my finished prints and ask, “How did ever you do that?”

5. What is one thing people find surprising about how your art is created?
Viewers of my artwork are always surprised how the collaging of different images become so integrated.

6. What’s the one tool you couldn’t live without, in creating your art?

As my work is so technically involved, I cannot live without my cameras, computer, scanner, and printers.

7. How has your art changed over time?
I originally was a painter but then became addicted to printmaking, especially etching. Later I started to combine photography with my prints. The development of Photoshop drew me to concentrate on photography and image manipulation.

8. What’s your favorite part about making your pieces? Least favorite?
I love the possibilities available to me by combining different photographs to produce montages that ask to the viewer to blend their own imagination with the illusions I present. I enjoy everything about the technique I use to produce my prints.

9. What’s your dream project?
My dream project at the moment is to have an exhibit in Rochester.

New Studio
10. Where is your art available for purchase?
My art is available for purchase at my studio in the Anderson Arts Building, 250 N. Goodman Street, #402. The studio is open to the public on most First Fridays and by appointment.

I am represented in New York City by the Ceres Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, #201. I also ship work to buyers who contact me thru my website.


  1. WOW!! The queen of or strikes again!!!! Well done. Congratulations! I’m gallery sitting today and will finally have time to call you.

    I love how you so perfectly described how you work and what you do!!!!



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